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MUN Travel Set Review

I've always loved MUN ever since I tried their Anarose toner a while back.  They're definitely one of the green beauty brands that I immediately think of when I consider which brands aligns with my skin needs well (it also happens to align with my blog aesthetic as well).  When I think of MUN, I think of simplistic, high quality performance.  I love that the brand focuses on balancing the skin through the clean botanicals that they source with integrity.  It's simple,  it's conscious, and it works.

Boxwalla April 2017: The Wandering Woman's English Spring

Boxwalla has quickly become one of my favorite boxes in green beauty.  It's hard not to like their carefully curated selections and impeccable taste!  If you need a bit of an intro to Boxwalla, you can go ahead and check out my earlier post on them HERE.  I enjoy the quality of the products that they curate, the introduction to new brands in the green beauty realm, and the personal touches that they put in the box such as their notes including information on the products.  I especially love the creativity with which they put together the beauty box themes.  The box not only treats your skin well, it tells a story while doing it.

Juice Beauty Photo Pigments Makeup and Skincare Review

Juice Beauty has always been on my radar ever since the day that I tried their Blemish Clearing cleanser (which was well-loved).  Since then, I've not been too familiar with their line until I became very intrigued by their recent collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow on their Photo Pigments makeup line.  I was elated when they sent me a package full of products from their Photo Pigments line and their skincare.  I'm usually so picky with my skincare so I was very excited to see how theirs would hold up on my skin. This is a comprehensive review of all of the recent products I own from their Photo Pigments line as well as their Anti-Wrinkle skincare line! That includes the mascara, creme blush, lipstick, lip crayon, primer, and foundation from the Photo Pigments line.  It also includes the Stem Cellular serum, cream, cleansing oil, and under eye mask! If you're ready for this massive review, go ahead and click below!

Boxwalla December 2016: Let it Glow! Let it Glow! Let it Glow!

Boxwalla has been a subscription service that has been on my radar for quite a while.  I first started paying attention to them when I saw how tastefully curated their boxes always were on Instagram (and more specifically my talented friend Ni Hao New York 's Instagram).  They have a Beauty, Food, Book and Film box available under their services and I must say that ALL of the boxes are just as beautifully curated as the next.  After trying their December Beauty Box (aptly named Let it Glow! Let it Glow! Let it Glow!), I'm so much more keen on trying their other boxes.  Read on to see what products were included in the Beauty Box and how they fared upon further testing!

Weleda: Cultivating Beauty

Weleda is the kind of big name that inspires others in the green beauty industry.  They are industry leaders, and rightfully so!  Their mission is simple.  The goal for Weleda is to cultivate beauty.  They do it with Biodynamic farming methods and fair trade partnerships.  They do it by making meaningful products.  They do this by empowering individuals who come across the brand. It is in these means that they encourage individual health and authentic beauty.  I was always curious about this heavyweight in the green beauty world, and I am glad to say that I was given the opportunity (by Weleda themselves) to test out products from their Sensitive Skin line.   There's a bit of a surprise for you at the end of this review! Why not ring in the new year with some fun?