Tested: Earthwise Beauty ( Green Leaves & Co. , Frightening Green Mask, Carrot-a-Day Serum)

I’ve always been apprehensive about the theory of putting oil on oily skin in order to eliminate over-active sebum production.  I’ve especially been skeptical since my skin usually did not react well to any kind of oil before discovering Kypris’s Beauty Elixir III.  I believe the beginning of my measures of caution started when I dabbled in the spot-treatment fad using Tea Tree Oil that became popular a few years back.  Tea Tree actually ended up causing a lot more breakouts on top of the set that I already had!  So far, the Pai Copaiba and Zinc Serum has been working well as a spot treatment but I am extremely happy to announce that I’ve found a better spot treatment and it just happens to have an oil consistency!  I’ve really been having luck with oils as of late and I’m so excited to share Earthwise Beauty’s Green Leaves & Co. with you!  This is a beautifully formulated oil that helps heal active blemishes, prevent new ones from forming, and help in the recovery process of fresh scars and post-blemish issues!  I’ve been reaching for this in my most recent hormonal breakout and I’ve got great reason to do so.

Consistency: This is an oil-based formula that solidifies when in a cool/cold environment and a light oil in a warm/hot environment.  When I first used this oil, I used a very small amount as I was hesitant with the oily consistency.  I was happily surprised to find that it quickly and easily absorbed into my skin and I could no longer feel a thin film of oil over my skin after a few minutes.  During colder conditions, I unscrew the cap and just swipe my clean fingers over the nail polish-like brush that is attached to the cap.  The solidified oil instantly melts on my fingers upon contact and I apply it as spot treatment on my blemishes.

Experience: When I first started testing this product, I only used it as spot treatment on my hormonal breakouts.  The oil is based in a virgin coconut/virgin jojoba oil base and has Thyme, Holy Basil, Rosemary, and Clementine Leaf for help with blemishes, inflammation, and oil secretion.  I started by putting it directly on a cystic blemish that had been bothering me for a day or two.  The Lavender in the formula is also supposed to help with anti-aging, or aging prevention, however I did not notice much of a difference on that front as I am still in my twenties.  I noticed that within about half an hour of application, the bump had calmed down on my skin and the swelling had gone down noticeably.  I kept applying it for a week and Green Leaves & Co. did a great job of keeping the blemish from growing larger or becoming more inflamed.  It calmed the blemish down and increased the speed of recovery where, by the third day, my cystic blemish had gone down completely with no inflammation.  Ava, the creator of Earthwise Beauty, thoughtfully added Thyme in order to decrease inflammation and soothe acne.  After the second week of application, the scar that I had from the large blemish had faded significantly.  I cannot solely attribute this  to just Green Leaves & Co., however, since I had been using  my Moonlight Catalyst at night as well.  I can say with certainty that this oil truly helped reduce the inflammation of my cystic blemish and speed the recovery process.  I loved how well it was able to sink into my skin and I never felt uncomfortable with this on my skin.  After this initial test, I applied Green Leaves & Co. over a large area of smaller white heads where it did a beautiful and quick job of quickening the time that the whiteheads stayed on my skin.  Within a day to two days, the white heads had receded and I did not have any further problems with them.  The scent of the oil was something that I had to get used to initially because of its herbal smell.  I did end up enjoying the French Lavender scent after multiple uses and am now used to it. 

Consistency: A Green Clay-based mask that is wet pasty with some granules that can be used as a scrub when taking off the mask.  It dries solid and easily washes off.

Experience: This mask contains French Green Clay, Witch Hazel, and Raw Honey along with acne combatants Rosemary and Thyme.  I have used this as a spot treatment as well as a full on mask and have loved using it for both occasions.  The mask smells very herbal so it is a scent that I needed to get used to.  It dries quickly into solid form and I do feel an instant tightening effect.  Upon removal, my skin feels cleansed of any buildup in my pores and my acne has shrunk due to the Rosemary and Thyme. I love to give myself a mini facial as well with this product and slowly rub and massage it off of my face as I remove the product.  I have had an experience where I put the mask as an all-over face treatment and felt that I had to boost up my moisture levels afterwards because it was a bit drying.  Otherwise, I like this mask for once a week application and find that it helps greatly with any acne I may have.  I tend to use it as a spot treatment more so than a mask and it has lasted me for quite a long time!

Carrot-A-Day Organic Face and Eye Serum

Consistency: This has a thick gel texture with amazing penetration ability on the skin.  

Experience: I've mainly tested this as an under-eye serum and have loved the tightening and de-puffing effects that it has given me in a short amount of time!  I believe those actions may be due to the Blue German Chamomile and Corsican Helichrysum that have been added for anti-inflammatory purposes. I haven't noticed a significant scar reduction as of yet but I have also used it mainly as an under-eye treatment and may not have used enough product to see results as a scar reducer.  My main issue with this product is that I love the aloe gel-based consistency but cannot stand the strong carrot smell that I get upon application.  It's extremely strong for me as I'm not a huge fan of the carrot scent so I feel like I reach for this less since it takes a long while for the scent to disappear on me.

I can truly feel the quality and work that has been put into these products due to the effective results that I experienced over the testing period!  Thank you, Ava, for making these great products and for allowing me to experience their great results! 

Have you tried Earthwise Beauty yet?  If so, what has been your favorite product?  Mine is definitely the Green Leaves & Co.!

Big Love,


These products were kindly sent to me by Earthwise Beauty but all opinions are my own!


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  3. I had actually been wanting to try the Pai serum for problem skin types, but if the Organic Facial Oil is more effective then I'll have to check it out. The only concern for me is the use of coconut oil, which is comedogenic. The Frightening Green Organic Anti-Acne Face Mask is also on my radar, what a name.

    1. Hey!
      Yes, I also got a kick out of the mask name! It's really great and I love it for any of my breakouts. The Green Leaves & Co., in my opinion, works better on my blemishes than the Pai serum does right now. I feel that the Pai's serum worked well for me when I got my initial bottle last year but ever since I've used up the first bottle, the second bottle has not been working as effectively and my skin may have gotten used to the product!