[CCC]Current Curated Collection: The Scented Oils Collection

I don't like to admit it but I've always been drawn to pretty typical scents.  My old stand-by perfumes were the popular choice among my peers such as Miss Dior Cherie, See by Chloe, and Lancome's Midnight Rose.  I've since transitioned into perfume oils whether they are for wearing in the daytime or purely for relaxation at nighttime.  These scents that I've collected thus far are my favorites for entirely different reasons than before.  Not only do they smell amazing, they all have a unique capability of evoking a place or feeling.  I love them all for different purposes and the distinctive scents that they all carry give them so much character that my old scents lacked.  Since we are currently at the cusp of summer, I thought it'd be fun to share with you these fresh, adventurous scents!

Top-Bottom: Leahlani Skincare Pikake Perfume Oil, Stella Kenton Love Citrus Perfume Oil, Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy
Left-Right: Leahlani Skincare Mahana, Pua Lei
Leahlani Skincare:

Pikake Perfume Oil- Pikake is Hawaii's own Jasmine flower and I can definitely smell the hints of Jasmine in the perfume, however, it is equally balanced out by a lingering muskiness that I can smell instantly upon application.  This is a beautiful floral scent that is also grounded in earthy undertones.  This always invokes good memories of past vacations but it always drives me crazy because I always find myself wish-planning a trip to Hawaii whenever I put on this scent!

Lasting Power: About 5-6 hours on skin before reapplication

Mahana Perfume Oil- Mahana is a sweet blend of vanilla and coconut oils that is both warm and sweet.  This immediately reminds me of the beach because of its light-hearted sweetness.  I especially love putting this in my hair, as Leah the amazing owner of Leahlani has previously recommended.  I am a huge fan of vanilla and I love the longer-lasting throw of vanilla that I am able to get from applying this to my hair!

Lasting Power: About 5-6 hours on skin,  about 8-9 hours on hair

Pua Lei Perfume Oil-Pua Lei is the most mature of all of the scents that I own from Leahlani.  It is heavily floral based and, as Leah describes it, alluring and exotic.  This is perfect for date nights out or even a night out in town.  The floral base is from the combination of Puakenikeni and Tuberose.  I would personally wear this as more of a night time scent, but I can also see others who love bold florals wear it often in the day time.

Lasting Power: About 5-6 hours on skin


Ginger Flight Therapy- This, ladies and gentleman, is my secret to a relaxing sleep.  Granted, I'm blessed with the ability to fall asleep pretty easily as long as there is a bed or couch on the ready.  The magic of this little glass roller is that it (somehow) relaxes me and loosens my tense muscles(always an issue) while clearing up my breathing with the invigorating ginger scent.  I find that it helps with my fatigue from my everyday commute to downtown.  I'm not going to lie, I was a skeptic when I was in the Aesop store and had to ask the sales assistant if she truly felt the effects of the product before.  She did, I bought it, and here I am telling you that it does work!  This isn't exactly a perfume oil, per say, but I do enjoy the scent of ginger and its functionality.

Lasting Power: About 4 hours

Stella Kenton:

Love, Citrus Perfume Oil- This is the first perfume oil that I purchased since switching to cleaner products.  Like I said earlier, I am a pretty big fan of generic scents and I loved any combination of fruity and floral.  I came upon this perfume oil as I was browsing Etsy and the notes of sweet orange, grapefruit, and lemon just seemed right up my scent alley.  I was expecting a combination of fruity notes but when I first had a whiff of this oil, it came up as a straight citrus note.  I have since combined this with my Pikake oil from Leahlani with great success in forming a fruity floral combination.  The one downfall of this product would be its short lasting power compared to other oils that I own.

Lasting Power: About 1 hour

What perfumes or perfume oils have you been loving as of late?  I'm curious to know what types of perfume you gravitate towards in the comments down below!

Have an amazing week.

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  1. This post was so timely Vanessa! I'm currently looking into doing R&D for perfume oils since I took a class on creating natural perfumery :) The ones you described sound amazing! <3 Ally from Wonderland Organics

    1. I'm so glad that this has helped! That sounds so exciting, Ally! Please do let me know how your progress is on that! I'd be completely interested in what your brand comes up with! As always, thanks for reading and leaving these lovely comments!

      Big Love, Vanessa

  2. Oh how I wish Pikake would last on me 5 hours, it usually dissapears quite quickly.. but nevertheless I still love it!! :) xx

    1. Jana, try putting it in your hair! It will last much longer that way! I like to apply a generous amount to my wrists and on my neck so that might be why it lasts longer on me!
      Big love, Vanessa

  3. Ooooh the Ginger Flight Remedy sounds right up my alley! I'm so in love with Leah's Pikake - it's so perfect for Spring/Summer, I'm delighted to have purchased it! xo

    1. Yes, I can totally see you loving that Aesop roller! I'm really happy with my purchase as well, I can't wait to try Lychee since that sounds like something I'd enjoy!

      Big Love, Vanessa