Prism Brush Bar

Cleansing is always touted as the most important step in order to maintain good skin!  Why wouldn't we want to keep that principle with our makeup brushes (that we use daily) as well?  Prism Brush Bar is the natural brush cleanser that I feel like I've been looking for ever since I started collecting brushes (and now my new Beauty Blender).  This came at a perfect time in my life as I was just running out of my old brush cleanser!  Not only does this look aesthetically pleasing, it is also incredibly useful and a current staple in my beauty cabinet.  Right now, Prism is running a promotion for their Kickstarter, found HERE , with different benefits for each donation amount. I would HIGHLY recommend getting the early Bird special as you get THREE of these beautiful bars for $30 + free shipping!  This is such a steal as these bars last quite a while from my experience.  Continue reading for more details!



I received this in the mail and got straight to work testing it. The Brush Bar itself is a bit slippery when you first work with it but I love the shape as it is very ergonomically designed to be easy to hold in one hand while working the brush in with the other hand.  I only needed to wet my brush and swipe about two times back and forth on the brush bar to fully lather up my brush (my blush brush).  I needed about 3 swipes for my bigger brushes (such as my powder brush).  This lathered well, did not have a heavy offensive scent, and washed out quickly without leaving any residue on my brushes.  My brushes dried quite fast and I had no issues with noticing any unclean areas of the brush.  My brushes kept their shape and were still just as soft as pre-wash.  I really enjoy, too, that the size of these Prism Brush Bars are 1.5 oz. which is bigger than the usual 1 oz. brush cleansers i usually buy.  They are beautifully opalescent and usually run for $17 a pop!

Considering they are $17 a pop, I would definitely jump on the deal at Kickstarter HERE stat!

Big Love,


Disclaimer:  I was kindly sent this press sample from Prism Brush Bar, but all statements made are my honest opinion!  I would not endorse a product that does not perform to my standards and I recommend products based on my personal experience!



  1. This prism brush cleanser is looking so unqiue and cute in shape. Its look like small but its functions are quite more. We can use it to clean different things. Its just amazing