FLOWEREVOLUTION: Intoxicating florals for everyday life

Katie Hess of Lotus Wei has had a busy year!  She's been busy running Lotus Wei, my go-to shop for flower essences, but she's also been working on the beautiful project that is her new book Flowerevolution !  Inside the book, you'll find beautiful images and page after page of her abundant knowledge of flowers and their benefits!  There's 416 pages so you're sure to have a plethora of her knowledge with you as a day to day reference book.  I loved Katie's beautiful blends since I first tried their Infinite Love perfume!  It is the sweetest, most inviting scent and I am still keen on repurchasing it!  I'd like to talk about a different flower today.  This one is a little more personal and I'm so glad that Katie has chosen me to be part of her "flower circle"!  Today, you'll be hearing about my experience with the White Water Lily flower elixir from Lotus Wei.  Be sure to read until the end to see who is next in the circle!


Activate: Awareness

Message: Sharpen your senses.
With the beautiful colors and magic carpet pads that float on the water’s surface, the White Water Lily transforms tea-colored ponds into a kaleidoscopic paradise. Water Lilies are one of the oldest aquatic plants, and some Water Lily fossils have leaf pads that are four feet wide! If you’re drawn to the White Water Lily, you may feel as if there are invisible walls around you, preventing you from really seeing. This flower’s message: sharpen your senses. The elixir has the effect of bringing us into a world of deeper sensitivity. It enhances an inner stillness that expands our ability to feel deeply connected to others through compassion and synchronicity. Water Lily magnifies clarity and helps us feel more in tune by transforming our ordinary perception into seeing the magic of the world we live.

Aqua (deionized water), Ethically Sourced Honey, Certified Organic Grape Alcohol,  Nymphaea adorata (White Water Lily) flower essence, and Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) flower essence.

The White Water Lily is as beautiful as it is ancient.  I've always loved Lotuses and Water Lilies for their continual enduring existence.  Through muddy water blooms beauty, as they say.  To be fairly honest, I've never personally felt very disconnected from the world or my surroundings.  I am a person who feels deeply and I've always been very clear about that with myself.  This elixir, in my mind, would help me tap into that even further.  I have since decided that perhaps I do have more acuity, but not regarding specific connections to people.  I believe I've recently been developing a lot more concrete ideas about the future that I want and the world I want to live in.  I've become particularly goal driven (though I already was before).

At the same time, I would usually skip taking this in case I was in my acupuncture clinic and treating patients.  When you're seeing one patient after another, it can get entirely too draining as a practitioner both mentally and physically.  I didn't need to "connect" anymore than I already was.  I've learned that I need to have a professional wall up at least in some sense during my clinic work hours in order to prevent burning out.

I enjoyed putting 5 drops of this in my water bottle that I always take to class so that I can sip on it during the day. It was a nice pick me up asides from the occasional almond milk or matcha latte I would indulge in!

It is through my experiences with Lotus Wei that has made me so excited for Katie's new book!  Here's a quick snippet of what you can look forward to in this almost-too-beautiful-for-the-coffee-table book!

"In Flowerevolution, flower alchemist Katie Hess and photographer Louie Schwartzberg invite us to venture into the vast and beautiful world of flowers, and learn how they can be used to give us a fuller experience of our everyday lives.

This flower-filled guidebook is rich with information, stories, images, and rituals that demonstrate the largely untapped power of flowers. "
You can check out an exclusive sneak peak of the book HERE!!!

You'll find:

1) Sneak Peak of the first 2 chapters of the book

2) 10 Special Message flower wallpapers (I currently have my beloved White Water Lily as my desktop wallpaper!)

3) A free download of the Magic Flowers App!

Follow the circle all the way through!  

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