Tested: Agasaya Brand Overview

Agasaya is the Warrior of the Sky.  That's a big name for any company as it denotes a certain amount of strength and power.  As you can guess, Agasaya likes to have high standards. Camélia Bounhar, the founder of Agasaya, wanted to bottle natural beauty in its purest state and highly believes in quality over quantity.  The ingredients list for these products are short and sweet.  They are effective and have a no frills feel about them.  The products are purchased directly from the production source and in small, fresh batches.  The beautiful violet glass packaging is sourced from the Netherlands and then everything is lovingly packaged in Montreal! Agasaya supports women's cooperatives in Morocco.  All products are vegan and the organic ingredients are ECOCERT certified! I initially loved the clean aesthetic of the classy packaging, however, I've learned to love the product inside them as well.  

Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil

*Ingredient from Organic farming Product from Morocco.

I absolutely loved using this and it's become my favorite product of the range that I own.  That ingredients list just says everything, really.  This is a simple product that packs a punch.  I love an oil that sinks quickly into the skin and nourishes it without being too heavy.  This is a product that does just that.  I've enjoyed using this after my serums during my night routine and have always woken up with soft skin that doesn't feel congested.  I like to apply this by rolling the oil onto my clean hands and then patting it into my skin.  My only qualm about the product is that it doesn't have a pleasant scent nor does it have a scent that I cannot stand.  The smell isn't very strong so I don't find it to be too bothersome.

Moroccan Olive Soap

Water, Potassium hydroxide, olea europaea (olive) fruit extract

This soap has a thick gel consistency. I loved the simple ingredients here as well, however, I found that the soap took too long to really dissolve into my skin.  I'd spend a long time in the shower while using this just trying to dissolve the soap and get a bit of a suds going on.  This does offer a gentle cleanse and my skin did feel clean afterwards, however, a soap in a jar form isn't exactly my favorite way of application.  I would love it if this product was less gel and more cream cleanser.

Organic Opuntia Flower Macerated Oil


I enjoyed using this oil mostly for my nighttime routine as it was a bit heavy for the day time.  I found that this oil was very nourishing and didn't irritate my skin whatsoever.  I usually just applied this with only toner beforehand as I found that this product was quite nourishing in itself and I didn't need to layer any other product on it.  My skin felt very moisturized after using this so I tended to use it during those drier or colder days.  While I enjoyed using this oil, I much preferred its lighter sister (the Barbary Fig Oil) and found that this oil was just a bit heavy for my combination skin type.  I find that this would be a luxurious experience for someone with dry-normal skin!

Big Love,


Disclaimer: These products were generously sent to me by Agasaya.  All opinions are always my own and I do not post about products that I do not enjoy using!

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