MUN Travel Set Review

I've always loved MUN ever since I tried their Anarose toner a while back.  They're definitely one of the green beauty brands that I immediately think of when I consider which brands aligns with my skin needs well (it also happens to align with my blog aesthetic as well).  When I think of MUN, I think of simplistic, high quality performance.  I love that the brand focuses on balancing the skin through the clean botanicals that they source with integrity.  It's simple,  it's conscious, and it works.

I was sent the Travel Set to test all of their star products.  I've actually used two of the four of these before but I'll go ahead and recap my impressions of the products.  You can find all of the ingredients along with their benefits to the skin listed on the product page links I've provided!

Akwi Purifying Cleanser

This is a beautiful, oil-based cleanser that washes off well and leaves the skin nourished and calm.  The important thing here is that this is a pH balanced formula that ranges from 4.7-5.2 (the ideal pH for a cleanser).  This has Castor Oil, Argan Oil, and Camellia Seed Oil to help cleanse the face as well as boost the skin's quality with antioxidant properties.  I liked to use this cleanser by applying it dry to a clean face (you can remove makeup with this but I usually just like double-cleansing anyway) and pressing the cleanser into my face while letting it sit for about half a minute.  Then I would wet my hands and massage my face in outward and upward strokes to emulsify this (it does not foam up) and then rinse it off.  I did enjoy this cleanser but I actually enjoyed all of the other products included in the travel kit so much more!  This cleanser didn't work too much magic on my face but I will say that I have given a large bottle of this to my friend before and she has reported that her skin literally glows in the morning with skin texture improving drastically since using this.  I've seen the results on her skin and I definitely would suggest checking this out even though it worked better on my friend's skin than mine (  all skin types react differently to different products).

Anarose Hydrating Toner

This is my favorite product from their line and I will continue to repurchase this once my other toners run out.  In fact, this is my favorite toner I have ever tried to this day.  I've tried a lot of toners.  Toners are usually underrated in terms of their position in a skincare routine.  Many skincare beginners think that toners are glorified water mists.  This one is not and I'd be awe-struck if I ever heard someone belittle my beloved Anarose so much!  Again, this product helps balance the skin's pH which in turn benefits the overall quality of the skin (especially for those oily/dry skinned folks who need some equilibrium up in there).  The Bulgarian rosewater does a great job of soothing redness and really works well with the Hyaluronic Acid which plumps up the skin and aids in the skin's retention of water.  I know that these are just words on a screen to you, but trust me,  you'll feel these words come alive after you've tried this toner.  The Willow Bark extract contains natural salicylic acid so it helps the cell turnover of the skin and is especially high-functioning for those with acne-prone skin such as myself.  I love that they included one of my favorite snacks, Goji Berries, as an ingredient to help reduce free radical damage and in turn help with preventing signs of aging.  The pH range is 4.5-5 which is within the ideal range of pH for the skin.

Before we continue, I know that these products may seem expensive to many people.  They are expensive,  but understand that you're paying for the quality,  the ingredients, and the ethical work that goes into the product.  I would not mind splurging on this many times over for those reasons but most importantly because this has been the best working toner I'd tried to date.

L: Akwi Purifying Cleanser,  R:  Anarose Hydrating Toner that's giving the soft glow to the skin.

Aknari Brightening Youth Serum

I always mention that my skin is picky with oils, and even though an oil does not break me out,  it doesn't guarantee that I'll reach for it very often.  I usually measure how much I truly enjoy a facial oil depending on if I catch myself actually reaching for it in my morning or nighttime skincare routine.  This oil has been a staple in both my AM and PM routines for the simple fact that it is light, plays well with my serums, and really gives results.  The Prickly Pear Seed oil included is very high in antioxidants and thus aids in preventing aging of the skin.  The Argan Oil included helps lighten up my dark spots (of which I did notice a difference before and after use).  It also soothes inflammation which was a huge plus for my acne-prone skin.  I loved that this oil applied lightly and absorbed quickly.  My skin always felt more supple afterwards without any of that oily heaviness.  I also saw a difference in my acne scars from continual use which is a major plus for me.  I actually love that this is offered in various sizes because I am the type that uses up oils very slowly so the 5 mL bottle will probably last me for a while.  This way my product stays fresh when I need a restock!

L: Aknari Brightening Youth Serum, R: Argan Pure Argan Oil

Argan Pure Argan Oil

This is a pure, no frills Argan Oil for the body.  As I'm sure you've read up above,  Argan Oil contains a host of benefits for the skin.  It is moisturizing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory.  MUN sources their Argan Oil from traditional producers in Morocco and they do this while having a special partnership with a Berber women's cooperative.  This is hand-processed and cold-pressed with a shelf life of 2 years.  This might sound simple, but this is an Argan Oil that feels so nourishing without being heavy.  It has an amazing Argan scent that is a bit sweet and nutty.  This is so light and non-sticky.  I loved using it on my legs as well as my damp hair while letting it air dry.  The full size is huge and is sure to last for the entirety of that shelf life!

The travel set is a great way to test if MUN products work well for you and I definitely think the sizes they've included are very generous.  The travel size lasted me for over a month and I've saved the last bit to use sparingly since I do genuinely love their products so much.  I'm positive I'll stay a loyal fan of the brand for years to come and it's my hope that you, my readers, are able to experience the MUN glow as well.

Big Love,



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