Boxwalla April 2017: The Wandering Woman's English Spring

Boxwalla has quickly become one of my favorite boxes in green beauty.  It's hard not to like their carefully curated selections and impeccable taste!  If you need a bit of an intro to Boxwalla, you can go ahead and check out my earlier post on them HERE.  I enjoy the quality of the products that they curate, the introduction to new brands in the green beauty realm, and the personal touches that they put in the box such as their notes including information on the products.  I especially love the creativity with which they put together the beauty box themes.  The box not only treats your skin well, it tells a story while doing it.


I was a little skeptical of receiving not one but two oil products in the box as I feel that my skin reacts very particularly to oils.  This oil, however, did not inspire any breakouts on my face.  If you've got an oily/combination complexion like mine, then you'll love this oil.  I apply this oil right after I wash my face while it is still a bit wet.  While the oil itself is already a very thin consistency, I find that adding a bit of water to the mix helps it absorb a lot better.  This absorbs well into the skin and does not leave behind a film on the face.  This is touted as a youth preservation serum but I did not see much difference in terms of some of the small wrinkles I've seen develop around my eyes and on my smile lines.  I may need to use this product for more than the month that I've used to test it out.  However, I did like how it gave my complexion a wonderful glow, lightly nourished my skin, and ultimately how it did not irritate my skin whatsoever.  This oil (I dislike calling it a serum as that is misleading to the usual consistency of serums), includes some powerhouse ingredients.  The green tea, jasmine, and watermelon oils give the skin deep moisture while remaining light in application.  The Barbary Fig Plant stem cells are the hero ingredients in this formulation with its incredible youth preservation properties.  I can't wait to see further results upon continual use.

H is for Love BARA BALM


I expected this balm oil to be on the heavier side but I was pleasantly surprised to experience how light and emollient it is!  I don't apply this all over my face, however, I like to apply it on my cheeks and the sides of my face as an extra moisture barrier.  This product has come in very handy during this past month as even sunny California was experiencing winter weather.  The climate was a bit dry and my cheeks and the area around my mouth became dry as well.  This never broke me out and, while it took a bit longer to fully absorb compared to the Love Springs Eternal, it absorbed comfortably into my skin.  I would highly recommend this for those winter months when you need that extra bit of moisture.  I also enjoyed applying this to dry areas on my hands and nails!  This balm oil gently nourishes with jojoba, macadamia, apricot kernel, and sea buckthorn oil.  I find that my skin feels so refreshed and plump after using this.  The slightly sweet smell of vanilla, Chinese rose, frankincense, and lavender also helps in creating the luxurious experience of this  balm.

H is for Love LIP GLACÉ – ROOT & BERRY

See Above Picture.

I've been a huge devotee of Kari Gran's Lip Whip since I discovered it last year.  That being said, I've completely become obsessed with H is for Love's Lip Glace!  This is similar to the whipped formulation of Kari Gran's, but I find that it's lighter.  I also love the fresh vanilla and rosemary scent that I always get a whiff of when I apply it.  This makes lips look more alive and, quite frankly, juicy. I am a big fan of how this can apply to be a sheer wash of pinkish red to give your lips a My Lips But Better look.  I also like to apply two layers to give my lips more of a red impact when the rest of my makeup is subtle.  This doesn't get on your teeth unless you apply a layer that is too thick.  I don't find that this leaves too much of a stain behind once it is gone, but my lips do feel moisturized for a long period of time even when the pink-red hue is gone from the lips after many hours of wear.  This makes my lips so soft and I love the generally understated look that it can give while pulling a casual look together.  This has become my everyday go-to lip product ever since I received it in the box.

Final Thoughts:
I've really become a fan of Boxwalla and all that the drunken Boxwallas that curate this box do.  I'd love to know what you all thought of the box or if you've tried any of the products from the featured brands!  I definitely want to test more of the H is for Love product lineup.  You can find the Boxwalla April 2017 Beauty Box HERE !

Big Love,


Disclaimer:  Boxwalla has generously sent me this box but they did not require a mandatory review when they offered to send the box.  All of the opinions expressed in this post are honest and completely my own.  As a general policy, I only post about products that I have enjoyed and would like to share with my readers.

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  1. seem quite effective for dry lips. balm has caught my attention. have a look ladies the box walla surely won't disappoint you. try lip balm and lip glace collectively for better lips.