Current Curated Collection: 5YINA Seasons PM Routine

I've been talking about 5yina's oils along with my other skin favorites but I've never elaborated on how I merge them into a fluid PM routine.  This is what I'll be getting into in this post.  I've already written reviews on most of these products (and for those I haven't, they are still in the testing process).  Without further ado, this is my PM routine.

After cleansing my face, I like to generously spray on the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics .  Vitamin D Mist.  Then I go in with the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream and Celsus Scar Cream on my scars or spots at the moment.  If I have any spots at the moment, I will apply my Indie Lee Blemish Stick to help it heal faster overnight.

Lastly, I mix 3-4 drops of Kypris Moonlight Catalyst with 1-2 drops of 5YINA Lucent Beauty Oil and I use the warmth of my palms to mix the two into a nice emulsion.

3-4 drops of Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

1-2 drops of 5YINA Lucent Beauty Oil (you may add more, my routine is based on my own oily-combination skin)

Even emulsion of the two products

I continue my routine by patting this emulsion onto my face in the steps shown below.  I pat along my forehead, cheeks, chin, and over my eyes to truly seal in the product onto my skin.

Voila!  That is my "simple" night time routine for you ladies and gents!  This is the routine that has been working extremely well for my skin as of late.  Happy Sunday Spa day!

Big Love,


Disclaimer:  I have been generously sent these products but all opinions in this review are completely my own.  5yina did not ask for a review of their products. If I do not like a product that I am sent, I do not write reviews on the products.


  1. I love AM/PM routine posts! Your skin looks really good and if this is what you're doing, I'm glad it works. And it does work because your skin looks absolutely radiant! ♥ I don't think I'd have the funds to afford these products, but hopefully one day! Currently, I don't have a routine and I can do days with only using water to wash off my face. haha I'm the worst. But I'm trying to get there because I know it would help my skin look so much better! p.s. I really adore your blog! It's so clean and not overly busy. Sometimes when blogs are really busy I panic and exit the tab. lol I don't mind posts being busy but the overall blog causes me anxiety when it looks like a maze. Yours is A+! ^_^

    1. Thank you as always for the sweetest comments, Kiki! This is when my skin is at its best! I usually have hormonal breakouts that cause me to have post-acne scarring (that usually naturally goes away in about 3 weeks but may go away faster with the right skincare products)! It's alright if they're out of your budget now! Perhaps saving up for the Petit set will be a good alternative if you truly want to try the products! Each petit bottle lasts me for ages (I haven't finished any of them yet)! Keep up the good blogging, Kiki!