Collectively Curated: Current Makeup Tools(Ecotools, IZAK for Sephora, Urban Decay, Real Techniques)

  So, I've been giving so much love to all the great makeup hits I've come across but I couldn't have gotten all made up everyday without the silent heroes in the background that are my makeup tools!  I started actually investing in brushes and other tools of the trade about 3 years ago and, like other things in life, have tried to keep it minimalistic.  I've only recently ventured out to buy an Ecotools set with more eyeshadow brush variation than the one brush I had owned for said 3 years.  Still, I've managed to curate my tried-and-true favorites for you all here and I hope this recap will help any of the brush newbies struggling with buying choices or give a makeup brush aficionado that extra push to pick up a new brush (I am a professional enabler).  I'm all about that base makeup so I do own more face brushes than any other variation and I will say that I've tried using makeup sponges but have just found them difficult to work with and a hassle to wash so those will not be included in this roundup.  Let's get started!

L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Life Changing Lashes Eyelash Curler, Izak Sephora Eyeshadow brush, Ecotools Pointed Concealer Brush, Urban Decay Good Karma Brush, Izak Sephora Powder Brush, Izak Sephora Foundation Brush, Ecotools Eyeshadow Brush, Real Techniques Powder Brush

Charlotte Tilbury Life Changing Lashes Eyelash Curler- I've had one previous eyelash curler in my life prior to Charlotte Tilbury's option, and I can honestly say I cannot differentiate the quality of that curler and this one.  I tossed my old curler due to its aging condition, and quickly purchased Charlotte's beautiful, rose-gold curler.  I like that the curve of the curler is more wide set and I find that it fits well to my eyeshade to make an easy, lasting curl.  The only thing I do not like (and this might be my own mistake) is that the beautiful rose gold that was painted on the curler immediately rusted off the moment I tried to use a makeup wipe to clean the curler after I had accidentally gotten mascara on it.  It still works perfectly well but there is much to be said about the physical condition of the product.  

Izak for Sephora Brush Set(SOLD OUT)-  I received all of these chic brushes from a kit I purchased from Sephora in collaboration with Izak Zenou, a New York based fashion illustrator.  This set is quite special to me since it is the first set of makeup brushes I have ever purchased.  The bristles on the brushes are all incredibly soft and have lasted so well throughout 3 years of washing.  They have not shed one bit since I purchased them and are still as dense and soft as they were the first week I bought them.  The pink color on the ends of the brushes have also not faded but the designs on the brush handles that I use more heavy handedly have faded.  I am not disappointed in the quality at all and would expect some fading from the brush handle after such a long period of use. 

Eyeshadow Brush- I use the eyeshadow brush for an all over wash of soft brown for my daily makeup and it helps make the application quick and easy. The shape of it fits perfectly to my eyelid for a quick sweep of application.

Powder Brush- The powder brush is the perfect size for being a blush brush and I use it exactly for that purpose.  It has a slight angle to it as well, making it easy to brush across my cheeks to create a pop or sweep of color depending o what color blush I choose for the day!

Foundation Brush- The flat top foundation brush is my go-to for liquid foundations, especially when I want a heavier coverage.  I used this so often back in the day when I wore heavier, full-coverage foundation almost on the daily.    It never failed to give me a flawless finish.  

Ecotools Day to Night Set- This is my most recent addition to my brush collection.  I've been so curious about Ecotools ever since I saw their sleek, natural packaging at Ulta.  I decided to bite the bullet and purchased the Day to Night set not entirely because of the gorgeous aesthetic of the set but because I needed a concealer brush.  These brushes are soft, dense, and still work well after washes.  However, they are not as soft and dense as all of the other brushes I own. The hilarious bit about this entire purchase is that I ended up switching the purpose of my two frequently used brushes.  

Eyeshadow Brush- I use the eyeshadow brush as my concealer brush.  Do you see that shape?  It's just big enough to cover the under eye area and small enough to not get anywhere I don't want it to touch.  I like to blend in my underage concealer with this and then set it with powder.  Same brush, used twice in one routine.  I've been on the hunt for a great concealer brush and this is it.  

Pointed Concealer Brush- The pointed concealer brush is my eyeshadow brush when I want a precise sweep of shadow in a thinner line just above my lash line.  I find that, for my eye shape, having a small strip of brown eyeshadow just above my lash line covered with a thin line of brown eyeliner gives me a great natural dimension.  

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush- This brush is the other foundation brush that I use for my heavier coverage foundations.  I find that this brush does a great job of blending and evening out the foundation whereas my Izak for Sephora brush is better for giving that fuller coverage.  This brush is soft, dense, and never sheds when washed.  I do wish it covered more area as the brush head can be quite small but I love the blending performance.

Real Techniques Powder Brush- I am going to try to put my love for this brush into words.  This is my first full-blown powder brush and it is as perfect as any powder brush can get.  It's huge, dense, insanely soft, and holds up so well after washes.  I just have to pick up a bit of powder with this brush, sweep it on in a few motions, and my entire face is covered and set.  I am lusting after a few other Real Techniques brushes because of this first purchase and I truly think that says a lot.  I happen to use this every single day and it has never failed me as one of my most-used brushes.  

This is almost my entire brush collection so you can see that I'm trying to stick to the basics!  I'm curious to see what brush recommendations you have!  Perhaps you've found a makeup sponge that you love and want to recommend?  I might just take you up on that suggestion! 

Have a beautiful Tuesday,



  1. Vanessa, what an awesome post! I'm such a noob at makeup brushes, so I love how clearly you laid all of these out. Definitely have to check out Ecotools, they look amazing :) <3 Ally Lin from Wonderland Organics

    1. Hello dear Ally!
      I'm so so glad that the post helped! I'd highly recommend Ecotools, especially their cute travel-sized brushes that they always make in different patterns! It's such an affordable brand too!

      Big Love,

  2. I so want those pink brushes<3 I love RT and I've just recently bought my first set of Bdellium Tools and they're so soft and nice to use! I definitely want more! :) Much love to you sweetie xx

    1. Jana! I am in LOVE with RT too! I'm already planning on getting more brushes from them if my current ones ever need to be thrown out! I'll have to check out Bdellium Tools, I always love hearing your recommendations!

      Big Love to you too!