Everlane Striped Poplin Shirt Dress ( Black )

I've been ordering from Everlane since they first started their business and it has been such an amazing journey seeing them grow and expand their style.  I'm a huge fan, and with the expansion of this website, I thought it'd  be appropriate to dedicate a review of one of my favorite new dresses from their line! The Striped Cotton Poplin Shirt Dress is a modern take on the Oxford shirt with a much extended shirt line to make it into a shirt dress. I've been reaching for this piece in my closet so often as of late.

This shirt dress is made from 100% cotton and made in Shenzhen, China.  Everlane is so high on the top of my list of favorite clothing brands because of various reasons.  First, they stand behind their message of radical transparency.  They personally check and approve of each of the factories that produce their clothing and leather goods. They also offer information about each of their factories that produce each of the specific items of clothing with information about the owner and the condition of the workers.  This is so important, especially in an age where fast fashion is so prevalent.

At this time in my life, I'd much prefer building a smaller, more curated closet full of quality and consciously made clothing versus the overflowing closet I used to have a few years ago with pieces that were inexpensive and had that same price point show through the quality of the clothing.  I love that Everlane has such a wide variety of minimalistic, modern clothing that can transition from work to night!

The Striped Cotton Poplin Shirt Dress caught my eye immediately as I was browsing Everlane due to its take on a classic with a twist.  The material is a nice, sturdy cotton.  The black striped detailing comes off more as a grey, but I don't mind as this color way is very appropriate for this season.  I am 5'3" with a 24" waist and a 32" bust.  I ordered the XXS in this dress and it was the perfect size!  I will say that the sizing for Everlane is a little different from item to item as the XXS size is sometimes too small for me in some of their shirts.  The length of this dress was also perfect even on my petite frame! I loved the style of this dress! This also washed well when I threw it in the washing machine.  My only qualm with this piece is that this wrinkles incredibly easily around the waist and thigh area throughout the day, even though it was freshly ironed this morning. I like the style so much that this is still one of my most worn items!

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Have you tried anything from Everlane before? What are your favorite pieces? 

Big love,



  1. Yes! Obsessed with Everlane + shirtdreses. There's are made so wel and the subtle details are to die. Love the length of this one on you. Slayin :)

    - AB | www.thegococollective.com

    1. Thank you so much! I agree, I was worried about the length but I was so pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too long on myself! I tried another maxi dress from them and it was still a perfect length right at my ankles!