Tested: Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sport Sunscreen spf 50

Hello summer!  I'm so excited to introduce Clean Curator's new look!  I've also decided to give my two cents on the Bare Republic Sport Mineral Sunscreen spf 50 in light of brighter days and more time spent outside with mother nature!  I was browsing my local Target a few weeks ago and happened upon the Bare Republics stand.  I was immediately intrigued because I had seen the products on Instagram and wanted to try them out for myself.  I just began my two weeks of vacation time so I believed that this would be the perfect time to put this sunscreen to the test!  I've been walking around downtown Los Angeles and the suburbs all day under the scorching California sun this past week and have had great results with this sunscreen.  Read on for a more in depth review!

Consistency:  I was apprehensive about buying a new body sunscreen since I'm usually extremely sensitive to the traditional texture of sunscreens.  I feel that almost all of the sunscreens out on the market are too thick and heavy while leaving a white cast and a typical sunscreen scent.  Bare Republic's sport sunscreen option was unlike any other sunscreen I had tried before.  It blended easily and did not feel sticky or heavy.  It settled into my skin without suffocating it or laying on top of it.  The icing on the cake was the fact that it did not have that typical sunscreen stench and, instead, had a pleasant vanilla scent.  Here are the ingredients below for your consideration:

Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 5.6%, Zinc Oxide 3.7%

Experience:  I've worn this out during my weekdays in downtown Los Angeles where I do a lot of walking as part of my commute.  It has performed well even on the days when it was scorching hot outside and I was only equipped with this and a skirt or shorts.  I find that it is very comfortable to wear and have had no problems while being out in the sun for ~5 hours.  I usually feel quite sticky at the end of the day when I wear traditional sunscreens but I did not get that feeling with this sunscreen.  I will be going on a cruise within a week and will be bringing this as my weapon against sun burn.  I will be updating this post with the results once I come back!

Bare Republic is a collaboration brand between Coola and Target.  You can find this product HERE.
Target.com is currently holding a deal where $20 spent gives you a $5 gift card and $35 spent gives you a $10 gift card!

What are your summer plans and have you tried Bare Republic yet?  I'm curious to know what adventures you will be up to this summer!

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  1. Love the new blog layout, Vanessa! I've seen this sunscreen and have been curious about it, so thanks for the review :)

    -Amy / rosegoldpanda

    1. Hey Amy!

      No problem, I hope this has helped and I was able to really translate my positive experience for you!

      Big love,


  2. It's actually the scent of coconut and not vanilla. This sunscreen is naturally scented without use of perfumes -- see coconut oil in ingredients label.

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